What is MEC and how can it help in your IoT deployment
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What is MEC and how can it help in your IoT deployment

Multi-access edge computing has picked up a variety of names: edge cloud; fog computing; mobile edge computing. So what is MEC? At SPTel, we define MEC as having “compute and storage resources closer to the consumer or enterprise end user”.

What benefits can organisations reap from MEC?
At it’s core, having an MEC solution will improve your content delivery and application user experience by reducing the network path between end user devices and the location where data is processed and hosted. This improves responsiveness of applications and overall network efficiency, delivering predictable millisecond latency.

How can it help in your IoT deployment?

  • High availability to improve the redundancy and reliability of applications – This is especially the case for IoT devices deployed in critical functions e.g. healthcare
  • Improved data security – having your data computed an analysed at local locations will minimise exposure to the security risk of sending data through the Internet
  • Lower bandwidth cost – Data heavy applications e.g. video analytics that need to travel long distances back to your DC or cloud for computing can increase your bandwidth requirements and overall total cost of ownership. By computing closer to the source, only critical information will be relayed over your backhaul.

Why choose SPTel?

We have access to thousands of locations islandwide that we can connect up for your MEC needs. IoT deployment is also made easier with our award winning IoT-a-a-S solution that can pair with our MEC solution for fast, secure and reliable IoT deployment.

Leverage our ESG grant to kick start your IoT deployment today or contact us to find out more about how MEC can help in your IoT deployment.