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Improve application responsiveness with Edge Cloud Computing

Edge cloud or edge cloud computing is an evolution of cloud computing that distribute compute, storage, and networking resources outside of the network core and closer to the end user.

By placing resources closer to data originating locations, devices such as surveillance cameras do not have to send traffic all the way to a centralized data centre or public cloud for processing. This improves application performance and reduces bandwidth congestion to the data centre or public cloud.

Designed to eliminate on-premise footprint for smart or real time applications without the hassle of physical infrastructure deployment and management, SPTel has numerous pervasive hubs distributed across Singapore and invested in edge computing capabilities to support the anticipated trends for distributed IT / data analytics services, especially in IoT & 5G deployments.

SPTel’s Software Defined Network is integrated seamlessly to complement Edge Cloud implementations with scalable bandwidth on demand, and connectivity between customer sites, data centres and public clouds with ease.

Edge Cloud Computing - Edge Computing Systems - Cloud Computing Era

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Benefits of Edge Computing

Product Features

Edge Services
Proximity Coverage

Leverage on SPTel truly diverse network and 5 key Edge hubs distributed across Singapore key commercial & industrial districts to perform pervasive multi-edge computing

Application-friendly Container-based Edge cloud Platform

A robust and user-friendly platform that allow containerized applications to be deployed fast and reliably in SPTel’s Edge Cloud

Dedicated server as a Service option

Provides powerful physical server infrastructure at predictable operational costs for high compute performance, mature applications, or stable workloads, and avoids noisy neighbour effect as a result of over resource virtualization in public cloud environment.

Distributed Cloud Interconnections

Made possible with Edge Cloud Connect in SPTel IPVPN to connect private clouds or datacentre sites, and IPVPN Cloud Connect to public clouds such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc. for a holistic cloud compute environment.

How it works

Edge Computing Architecture - Edge Servers - Edge Devices

Available Service Schemes

Container as a Service
An ultra low latency and fully managed Kubernetes edge compute platform distributed across SPTel hubs in Singapore
  • Application friendly container based platform
  • Portal with monitoring and logging capabilities
  • Elastic IP address
  • Intel-powered hardware
  • Proximity coverage
  • Seamless network and IoT-a-a-S integration
Optional add-ons
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Additional worker node for scaling:
  • To achieve high performance and / or high availability for containerized applications
Dedicated GPU:
  • Additional compute processing power for e.g. video analytics
Dedicated Server as a Service
An ultra low latency and fully managed bare-metal server hosting platform distributed across SPTel hubs in Singapore
  • Physical servers hosted in secured facilities
  • Intel-powered hardware
  • Remote server access login
  • Proximity coverage
  • Seamless network integration
Optional add-ons
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Hard Disk Drive:
  • Persistent storage with option of self-encrypting hard disk drive
Remote Hands & Legs:
  • Managed service by SPTel to provide remote assistance e.g. server power reboot, login access MACDs, etc to save on travel time and expenses
Escorted Access:
  • For stringent security operations where on-site visit is required to directly access the physical servers