Business Class Digital Network –
End-to-end Software Defined Network

Introducing Singapore’s first cloud telco that uses end-to-end software defined network with Edge Cloud capabilities, built on a physically diverse fiber infrastructure from current telco incumbents. This network of the future will allow for a dynamic, zero touch self-service portal that gives customers full control and overview of their network.

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    We will enhance customers’ business agility with services on demand and provisioning done within minutes. No more worrying about project status with real-time updates on the portal.

    Customers will also benefit from maximum uptime with network native AI and in-built Cyber Security that enables the network to self-monitor, self-heal and auto-mitigate threats.

    To aid in accelerating business digitalisation, customers can leverage on our business class digital network to deploy IoT as a service, virtually, and access our pervasive hubs for Edge Computing to perform analysis near the things, events and people for enhanced IoT performance.

    Best of all, we will be a 5G-ready fixed network with network slicing capabilities for private 5G deployment.


    An ultra-flexible and resilient network

    Peace of mind with self-monitoring and self-healing capabilities

    Edge Cloud capabilities for ultra low latency responsiveness to power analytics and computing nearer to the industries, events and people you serve

    Everything “as-a-Service” mode of operation for increased flexibility and scalability

    5G-ready fixed network


    24/7 Availability

    Cloud-based centralized management via a customer portal with instant quotations, network diagram and real-time provisioning.

    One-stop Customer Dashboard

    Full network overview with utility graphs, performance statistics and usage trends. Proactive alerts on network health and cyber security. Real-time ticket tracking of fault management.

    Programmable Functions

    Configure services, such as bandwidth, IoT, edge cloud and cyber security, all on-demand, with a few clicks. Manage and control Quality of Service (QoS), security and policy information to match your business needs.

    Intelligent Tools

    Quality monitoring and proactive remediation (self-healing network) with recommendations and insights. Intuitive user guidance, Chat-bot, Live chat and CoBrowse assistance.

    The Solution in Action

    • 1

      An event organiser plans a concert at Bedok Stadium, which will also be live-streamed. To better serve his VIP guests, he needs to deploy a cost-effective facial recognition solution in 2 weeks.

    • 2

      Through the customer portal, he selects a connectivity service from his headquarters to Bedok Stadium, then approves the instant quotation. He sees the provisioning status in real time.

    • 3

      The chatbot suggests connectivity solutions and IoT-as-a-Service for his deployment. SPTel’s edge computing hub at Bedok enables video analytics to recognise his VIP guests, without costly and extensive backhaul.

    • 4

      During the event, a cable is cut in the Eastern part of Singapore, but the event is unaffected because of SPTel’s unique and diverse fibre paths.

    • 5

      The concert’s live stream attracts many viewers, but the unexpected traffic causes lag.

    • 6

      The organiser is immediately notified and prompted by the customer portal to increase bandwidth, which he does. Within minutes, the live stream is back to normal. Mr Wong gets a bill alert for bandwidth-on-demand.

    • 7

      As and when the network becomes congested, traffic is automatically rerouted to ensure optimal performance.

    • 8

      Unfortunately, a DDoS attack takes down the video feed. The event organiser is notified that mitigation is required. Upon choosing to proceed with mitigation, the attack is resolved by the network and the video feed resumes.

    • 9

      After the event, the organiser receives a digital bill. His bandwidth reverts automatically to his original subscription.

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