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Reliability meets Intelligence

Delivering a connectivity edge for customers in the new digital age 

SPTel is a joint venture between ST Engineering and SP Group and we are able to leverage the strengths of our parents to provide unique connectivity and digital services for our customers to become the digital services provider of choice.

We believe that the future network needs to be both reliable and intelligent for Smart Nation to be a reality. That is why we are investing in the nation’s first born-in-the-cloud network that will be end-to-end software defined with network functions virtualisation.  

Our network is known for reliability and diversity because our unique fibre pathways combine leased SP Group infrastructure with owned fibre pipes laid alongside the power network cables. Our network structure also ensures your data takes the shortest possible route for optimal performance.

Adding to that, we are layering intelligence on our cutting-edge network to create a cloud-gen network that will change the way business is conducted. It will solve problems before they occur with the use of AI to self-monitor and self-heal. Enable greater flexibility for businesses with instant quotations, network functions like bandwidth and cyber security on demand and provisioned within minutes. Change the game with cyber security in-built with our connectivity for greater peace of mind for organisations.  

This business class digital network is further enhanced with Edge Cloud Computing capabilities via our access to pervasive hubs to deploy MEC. SPTel’s award winning IoT-as-a-Service is one such solution that leverages this capability to perform analytics closer to the things, events and people for optimum device and network performance.

We think big and make bigger things happen. We work intelligently and constantly explore new ways to solve customer problems. Using advanced software technology to assist in our business model and network management in this data-driven world. 

Come experience our signature reliability, redefined.

Reliability with an Edge

Why Choose SPTel?

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Our Goal

To support organisations to accelerate their digitalisation journey with an intelligent network that supports hyper agility and flexibility.

What We Believe

Connections create progress. By enabling better communication via resilient and intelligent networks, we can empower individuals, businesses and our country to build a truly smart nation.

We are a growing business with a new outlook. We do not believe in the status quo. We constantly challenge ourselves to look at things from new angles, searching for ways to improve how we help our customers. We believe that by thinking and behaving different, we can improve the way people, places and things connect with each other, allowing them to work towards their goals and progress together towards a brighter future.

In short, we are unstoppable in our quest to provide you with reliability with an edge.

Our Parent Companies

ST Engineering is a global technology, defence and engineering group with offices across Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the U.S., serving customers in more than 100 countries. The Group uses technology and innovation to solve real-world problems and improve lives through its diverse portfolio of businesses across the aerospace, smart city, defence and public security segments.
SP Group (SP) is a leading energy utility company in Asia Pacific. One of Singapore’s largest corporations, SP owns and operates electricity and gas transmission and distribution businesses in Singapore and Australia.

Our Awards

Bronze Award

Best Customer Experience Team
Honorary Mention

Best Innovation in Brand Management 2021

Telecom Innovator of the Year 2021

SBR Technology Excellence Awards 2020

SBR Technology Excellence Awards 2019