Dual Network, Automatic Failover, Maximum up-time.

SPTel Managed MBB is a cost-effective Mobile Broadband solution that comes with connectivity to two mobile network operators. Should there be an outage on the primary mobile network, the solution will automatically switch over to the secondary mobile network operator. This means a seamless transition between operators and maximum uptime for your business. Managed Mobile Broadband Services is ideal for day-to-day business needs such as email, web surfing and point-of-sales transactions. Best of all, this solution is provided as a managed service solution so we’ll take care of the hardware and troubleshooting for you.

Product Benefits

  • Plug & Play

    Power on and follow the instruction from the user guide to get connected to the Internet instantly.

  • Dual Network Redundancy

    Supported by dual network auto-failover with minimal risk of network outage unlike a typical single mobile network.

  • Cost Efficient

    We ensure users enjoy seamless local data connectivity over the air, with the most competitive price in the market.


Recommended for:

  • Multi-site use cases

    Such as Smart Kiosks, ATMs and Vending machines that require a resilient network solution with auto failover between mobile operators.

  • Events and Retail

    Customers who have short term network connectivity requirements to support events or pop-up stores

  • Mobile workforce

    Organisations with a highly mobile workforce that requires connectivity in remote locations and construction sites

Available Service Schemes

Managed Mobile Broadband

Stay connected to your business with your choice of data plan per month. An innovative service providing instant and high resiliency Internet broadband access with a managed LTE Router.


  • Local monthly data plan* (From 150GB up to Unlimited data)
  • Dual Network connectivity (Higher service availability – auto fail over)
  • WiFi Router

*No excess data charges, data usage for 150 – 500GB plans will be suspended after local data bundle limit is reached.

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