Dedicated bandwidth and premium connectivity for international offices

SPTel’s International Ethernet Private Line is a dedicated Ethernet-based point-to-point connectivity that ensures a transparent, secured and reliable connectivity between our customers’ global sites.

Product Benefits

  • High performance

    Run various protocols transparently across a single service with dedicated bandwidth with stable and low latency performance

  • One-stop solution

    Order and manage both Singapore and overseas connectivity through a single contact point

  • Hassle free

    Supported on the Singapore end by a software defined network (SDN) that allows for seamless provisioning and management

  • Global Coverage

    Connecting your businesses globally to more than 150 countries

  • Customer Assurance

    Dedicated 24/7 Integrated Operations Center for all your Day 2 support needs as well as attractive Service Level Agreements for uptime availability


Recommended for:

  • Financial and Information Technology Sector

    Companies dealing with sensitive data and mission-critical applications between their offices or data centers.

  • Over-The-Top (OTT) and Media Companies

    Providing interactive applications and video streaming services that are latency sensitive. Requiring solutions that deliver large bandwidth to ensure the smooth continuity of services.

  • Multinational Companies

    Corporations that have global offices and require a secured and premium connectivity between offices so as to build a resilient and diversified backbone for its 24/7 operations.

  • Wholesale and Local Internet Service (ISP) Providers

    Global and local services providers requiring a wide and secured network running on diverse paths to provide resilient services for end customers.

How it works

Available Service Schemes

Standard IEPL

A dedicated Layer 2 international point-to-point data connection via land or sub-sea cable systems between 2 country locations


  • Scalable bandwidth up to 100Gbps
  • Freedom to choose specific routes based on latency
  • 24/7 fault management support
  • Comprehensive SLA

Protected IEPL

A protected and premium IEPL service with automated resiliency options to minimise downtime due to international cable system faults


  • Scalable bandwidth up to 100Gbps
  • Freedom to choose specific routes based on latency
  • Choice of Self-healing cable system or 1+1 System Restoration
  • 24/7 fault management support
  • Comprehensive SLA

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