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Discover how we simplify digital transformation for healthcare providers.

Leveraging IoT for Smart Healthcare: IoT Workz

Wheelchair management, monitoring temperature sensitive medication and toilet hygiene. What do all these hospital functions have in common? They can be simplified through IoT of course! We speak with Shawn Koh, founder of IoT Workz who shares with us how manual tasks in hospitals can be automated with technology to improve overall standards of care.

Digital Transformation in Healthcare: Healthway Medical Group

In this episode we speak with Ayush Johari, Acting COO of Healthway Medical Group to find out what are some of the key challenges when it comes to running multiple clinics and medical centres under the Healthway Brand.

  • Ultra-low latency, diverse network enhances healthcare connectivity.
  • Robust security solutions safeguard patient data.
  • Managed IoT solutions optimize care through real-time monitoring.

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    Tech Trends that are shaping the future of healthcare

    Redefined care delivery

    Centralised digital centres to enable decision making, continuous clinical monitoring and targeted treatments.

    Digital patient experience

    Digital and Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for on-demand interaction to improve patient experience.


    Robotic process automation (RPA) and AI e.g. in the indentification of deseases or in staff scheduling, can allow caregivers to spend more time providing care and less documenting it.

    Operational efficiencies

    Digital supply chains, automation, robotics, and next generation interoperability to reduce paperwork.

    Healing & well-being designs

    Emphasis on the importance of the hospital environment in heating

    Why Choose SPTel?

    A joint venture company of ST Engineering and SP Group, SPTel combines the agility and flexibility of a growing company with the strength, reliability and integrity of our parents to help customers succeed. Offering high-value products and innovative services, SPTel plays an important role in helping enterprises achieve reliability and resiliency for their network.

    Maximize Your Business Network Efficiency.
    Choose The Best Set Up For Your Healthcare Services!


    • For hospitals or clinics seamless connectivity to improve patients experience
    • Centralized management system


    • For multiple hospitals or branches of clinics
    • Central dashboard to connect efficiently across multiple sites and cloud


    • For healthcare institutions looking to integrate IoT Internet of Things on their system to digitise and improve the operations by reducing paperwork.

    Enable a Collaborative Environment for Healthcare

    Improve patient and visitor experience

    with ultra low latency and secure Managed Network Solutions

    • Always-on connection to medical devices
    • High speed access to critical application and patient health record
    • Seamless connectivity for telehealth, clinic and waiting area

    Operational Healthcare Efficiency

    across multiple sites on a reliable and secure network

    • Fast and private connection to multiple sites and public cloud
    • Zero Trust and cyber security
    • Intelligent customer portal for policy and usage report
    • Scale up bandwidth as needed

    Cut down on manual tasks

    with smart solutions in healthcare, supported by an ecosystem of local IoT solution partners

    • Smart water meter (Energy/Water/Gas)
    • Asset/people tracking
    • Smart building
    • Machine vibration monitoring
    • Surveillance monitoring
    • Video analytics

    And many more …

    Related Products for Healthcare Solutions

    Managed Network & Connectivity Solutions

    Enterprise Internet Lite

    500Mbps to 10Gbps
    • Built-in security protocols defend against DDoS attack, ensuring data integrity
    • Bandwidth scaling in 2 mins empowers businesses to respond swiftly to demands
    1. DDoS Detection as default
    2. 1 Static IP
    3. Bandwidth Utilisation Dashboard
    4. Dual Band WiFi 6 Router
    Managed Network & Connectivity Solutions

    Managed Wi-Fi

    • Fast speed, extensive coverage and a superior WiFi connection
    • Simplify access with secure remote configuration and troubleshooting
    1. Aruba AP and Switch
    2. Enterprise Internet (500Mbps to 1 Gbps)
    3. Bandwidth Utilisation Dashboard
    4. HPE MSR954 Rrouter
    Managed Network & Connectivity Solutions

    Connect to Public Cloud

    • Support your cloud journey confidently with a world-leading Cloud Platform
    • Powered by SPTel’s ultra-low latency network with unique fibre pathways
    1. AWS Cloud Connect
    2. IPVPN (50Mbps to 1Gbps)
    3. HP MSR954 Router
    Managed Security Solutions

    Managed Firewall

    • Protect against cyber threats with best-in-class fortigate threat intelligence
    • Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive business data
    1. Intrusion protection
    2. Anti-malware protection
    3. Web & video filtering
    4. Application control
    Managed Security Solutions

    Managed Web Application Firewall

    • Virtualised “as-a-Service” deployment in a private cloud
    • Comprehensive threat protection using Machine Learning and Behavioural Analysis
    1. Next generation web application
    2. Firewall as-a-Service
    3. Web security protection & IP reputation package
    4. Security event dashboard
    Managed Security Solutions

    Managed DDoS Protection

    • Proactive monitoring & advisory on DDoS attacks
    • Pay-as-you-use model
    1. Network-based DDoS attack detection
    2. Application-layer DDoS attack detection
    3. Initiated / Automated DDoS attack mitigation
    4. DNS Protection (Inbound)
    5. Managed security dashboard
    IoT, Edge Cloud & Mobility Solutions

    Managed IoT

    • Faster IoT deployment via a ready-to-use IoT as-a-Service platform
    • Highly scalable and cost-effective with no hefty upfront investment
    1. IoT Central Manager for device management
    2. IoT platform for edge computing with GPU support
    3. IoT backhaul connectivity
    4. LoRaWAN network coverage in 70% of heartlands in Singapore
    IoT, Edge Cloud & Mobility Solutions

    Edge Cloud

    • Improved application responsiveness with ultra-low latency network performance of <1ms
    • Ensure data sovereignty with data housed in Critical Information Infrastructure (CII)
    1. 4 edge zones across Singapore
    2. Pay-as-you-use model
    3. Single unified self-service console to manage resources across multiple clouds
    4. High availability capabilities
    IoT, Edge Cloud & Mobility Solutions

    Multi-Network Pro SIM

    • High availability with multiple mobile networks in one SIM card in Singapore or overseas
    • Reduce total cost of ownership through activation at deployment
    1. Auto-failover across 3 local mobile networks
    2. Single portal to management all SIM cards
    3. Data pooling
    4. Secure by Design M2M networks with Whitelisted IP address and device IMEI

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