SPTel’s Global Internet service caters to the ever-growing needs of businesses by providing both broadband and dedicated global Internet access for offices outside of Singapore. Leveraging on our strategic partnerships with various global Internet service providers, SPTel ensures that your business stays connected anywhere in this rapidly expanding world of global Internet users and connected devices. We help to source for and manage all your overseas Internet requirements and Internet traffic, on your behalf.

Why outsource your overseas Internet management? In today’s globalised business environment, ensuring that your networks remain secure while managing countless factors can be daunting. Depending on the scale of the business and countries involved, there may be a variety of differing contracts, terms, invoices, and service level agreements in multiple languages. SPTel eliminates this hassle for organisations striving for business growth. We take care of your network needs as a single point of contact, all the way from provisioning to decommissioning. You’ll benefit from more streamlined operations and billing with both your local and global connectivity needs taken care of by us, allowing you to better optimise your time and resources to focus on growing your core business.

Global Internet at SPTel

Product Benefits

  • Global Network Coverage

    Through our extensive partnerships with various global service providers, we leverage their strengths in their respective regions to provide reliable connectivity in more than 200 countries, allowing your business to connect with customers and partners around the world.

  • Assurance

    With SPTel’s dedicated Integrated Operations Centre monitoring your circuits on a 24/7 basis, SPTel is well placed to be the sole interface for all your circuit issues.

  • One-Stop Service

    Eliminate the hassle of dealing with multiple providers with SPTel as your single fronting party on all provisioning, performance, and payment issues.


Recommended for:

  • SMEs intending to expand overseas

    Set up branches outside of Singapore while ensuring high uptime availability for your overseas operations. Engage SPTel to be your one-stop shop in sourcing and managing all your network performance and needs.

  • Multi-National Companies

    MNCs looking for a one-stop shop solution to couple their internet services along with a managed SD-WAN solution for their global connectivity.

  • Businesses looking to reduce network management complexity

    Businesses with multiple global sites running on limited resources can rely on SPTel to fully manage their global and local Internet connectivity, safeguarding their data and ensuring uninterrupted connectivity across all locations. Maintain multiple contracts, services and operating expenses through a single provider under a single bill.

  • Government Institutions

    Government agencies that require reliable management, high network performance, and seamless billing process within Singapore can work through SPTel for their overseas branches’ Internet needs, guaranteeing the secure transmission of sensitive data.

Available Service Schemes

Direct Internet Access

Global Internet

A premium Internet service with dedicated bandwidth allocation, designated for operations and offices outside Singapore.


  • One Stop Shop service including sourcing, provisioning, fault management and billing.
  • 24/7 fault management support
  • Premium SLA

Global Internet

An enterprise-grade Internet broadband service designated for operations and offices outside Singapore


  • One Stop Shop service including sourcing, provisioning, fault management and billing.
  • 24/7 fault management support
  • Comprehensive SLA

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