Cross border connectivity : Launch of High-Speed Links Between Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia

SPTel’s direct and diverse connectivity into Malaysia and Indonesia opens up more opportunities for organisations to tap on to colocation and data centre spaces beyond our borders.

Unique to SPTel is our diverse fibre pathway locally as well as into Malaysia and Indonesia. Our network leverages fibre that is laid alongside the power network cables of our neighbouring countries to provide a truly diversified way of crossing the region.

Product Benefits

  • Rapid Circuit Activation (SGP-MYS)

    Our network links up all the key major data centers in the region, allowing for an accelerated lead time of 4 weeks for on-net DCs instead of the usual 8-12 weeks

  • Unique Fiber Paths on Reliable Infrastructure Providing True Diversity (SGP-MYS)

    SPTel uses unique fibre pathways that run alongside the power network cables in Singapore. Crossing the causeway, our network interconnects with our partner who owns the longest stretch of fibre built alongside Malaysia’s power network cables. This provides an end-to-end unique fibre route from SG to MYS

  • Ultimate peace of mind (SGP-MYS)

    Multiple redundancy and link protection in place across the SGP and MYS fibre network for 99.99% uptime availability

  • True Diversity from West Route of Singapore (SGP-IDN)

    Using PGASCOM cable as the main route going into Indonesia, it is the only cable exiting Singapore from Jurong Island. Furthermore, our network is protected over a series of other subsea cables, giving your connectivity additional resiliency

  • Enhanced Protected (SGP-IDN)

    Our PGASCOM cable is further protected against cable cuts through rocks dumping along the cable on the seabed at 15m wide and 5m high. Due to this highly fortified structure, there have been 0 cable outages on this cable

  • Exclusivity of Fiber Path (SGP-IDN)

    The PGASCOM cable is part of an exclusive network within Indonesia and runs along the private path operated by gas companies


Recommended for:

  • OTT players and telecommunications partners

    With large bandwidth requirements across diverse routes for options to provide service resiliency for their end-customers

  • Large enterprises

    Especially catered to those in Technology and Finance industries who require cost effective solutions to support their growing presence in the region

  • Internationalising companies

    Looking to expand in Malaysia and Indonesia, requiring a one-stop shop Service Provider to manage their connectivity needs

  • Government agencies

    Requiring highly secured connectivity to support their mission-critical operations in the region

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