Introducing SPTel Sensor Network
powered by LoRaWAN

SPTel has built the first low-power long-range wide area network (LoRaWAN) in the heartlands of Singapore. This solution will allow devices to connect wirelessly to each other and acts as an alternative to 4G, 5G or Wi-Fi options for IoT use cases with low data transmission requirements.

A welcome feature for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions providers and sensor companies, this cutting-edge sensor network is built to business class specifications that supports all devices regardless of vendor, device type or technical specification to power sustainability, public health and safety.

As you scale your enterprise offerings, we will continue to expand our network to grow alongside your business needs.

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    SPTel wireless sensor network is supported by LoRaWAN specification, an industry-standard promoted by LoRa Alliance™ , an organization with more than 500 members around the world.

    It is a long-range radio frequency protocol that allows things to connect to the internet over a long range with low power consumption. Solving a key IoT predicament, this network now allows device battery life to last up to 10 years. The higher compatibility with other networks and lower maintenance costs will herald many new and exciting use case opportunities for enterprises and solutions providers.

    SPTel's LoRaWAN Singapore, Sensor Network Singapore

    This is especially exciting for IoT service providers. You have now a new low-cost and proven IoT connectivity beyond cellular connectivity. You can jumpstart your IoT deployment free from upfront investments and the hassles of infrastructure ownership and management.

    SPTel IoT Central Manager gives you access to our cutting-edge wireless network and our smart device management platform.

    Available. Now Here.

    SPTel's LoRaWAN Singapore, Sensor Network Singapore

    We have a proven track record of creating and operating carrier grade networks for low-cost IoT connectivity and deployment.

    Through our cutting-edge wireless network, IoT service providers will be able to deploy large-scale, commercial IoT technologies at manageable costs on carrier-grade connectivity.

    SPTel's LoRaWAN Singapore, Sensor Network Singapore
    SPTel's LoRaWAN Singapore, Sensor Network Singapore
    SPTel's LoRaWAN Singapore, Sensor Network Singapore
    SPTel's LoRaWAN Singapore, Sensor Network Singapore

    SPTel Sensor Network Coverage


    of Heartlands in Singapore


    of Hawker Centres​


    of Town Councils​

    Now here before in Singapore is there a
    Sensor Network powered by LoRaWAN

    From rodent monitoring to smart metering, hover over the map to check out some of the Smart Nation use cases and government projects Now HERE.


    Faster to deploy

    Comes with IoT-as-a-service solution that supports application hosting, facility management, edge computing and device management. It’s faster-to-market for your business.

    Scalable and lower upfront investment

    Lower infrastructure and device costs. You can easily add devices as and when you need to.

    Enhanced security & data sovereignty

    Network nodes are in secure physical locations. Smart facilities ensure minimal disruptions. Data stays in Singapore.

    Extensive Network

    Available indoors and outdoors. More than 50 sites by 2022. Multiple gateways covering 70% of heartlands, 42% of hawker centres and 52% town councils and growing.

    Key Features

    Low power consumption
    and longevity

    LoRaWAN enables sending data information by using low power. This allows LoRaWAN devices to run on batteries for up to 10 years. This will greatly reduce the maintenance time and effort.

    Secure Design

    Native end to end 128-bit AES encryption between the end-device and the application server keeps transmitted data safe.

    Long and wide
    range coverage

    LoRa radio modulation allows deep indoor penetration. This increases the ability to reach critical underground sensors such as water or gas meters.

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