SPTel and SpeQtral appointed to build NQSN+,
Singapore’s First Nationwide Quantum-Safe Network

The importance of quantum-safe transmission arises from the potential threat that quantum computers pose to traditional cryptographic systems. With the advent of quantum computers, the current key exchange method of Public Key Cryptography (PKI) used for data encryption will be vulnerable to attacks by quantum computers. Therefore, it is critical to start looking at developing safeguards today.

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    Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) uses the laws of quantum physics to transmit individual photons between two parties, allowing them to agree on the same shared secret encryption key to safeguard their data from third parties’ attempts to eavesdrop on the encryption keys.

    Businesses are preparing for ‘Harvest Now, Decrypt Later’ attacks where attackers steal encrypted data and store it until quantum computing is available to unlock it. This puts at risk of how data is being transferred today and the risk level depends on the value of data. For example, there will be high risk if the value of data is high as sensitive personal data remains sensitive for years.

    As we move towards a digital economy, the volume of data transmission over the network increases and businesses need to transfer data safely without any unauthorised parties decrypting data-in-transit. To address this quantum threat, SPTel and SpeQtral are working together to build a National Quantum-Safe Network that will support services such as QKD-as-a-Service.

    SPTel’s QKD-as-a-Service uses QKD technology to securely exchange symmetric encryption keys which can be used to encrypt sensitive data thus providing a reliable and secure route for sensitive data across the network. This helps businesses to keep their infrastructure safe and ensure data security.

    How it works

    Dedicated QKD-as-a-Service (Dedicated)

    Customer A1’s application requests for a quantum-safe key from Key Manager (KMS) via an API. The key is relayed to customer A2’s application via SPTel’s trusted nodes and the customer applies the quantum-safe key to its application.

    In this scenario, dedicated QKD appliances are installed at customer sites to meet the highest end-to-end security compliance. It uses one or more QKD appliances for the distribution of quantum-safe keys which requires the sharing of private symmetric keys for the encryption of data.

    Quantum-Secure DCI (Shared)

    QKD-a-a-S can be applied to SPTel’s DWDM network at major data centres for quantum-safe data links via SPTel’s Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) services.

    In this scenario, there is no need for equipment integration with the QKD. Data and services can be transferred and backed up securely and users can access data and services from the data centres nearest to them for better application performance.

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    Our diverse and resilient fibre network uses unique fibre pathways for greater business resilience. Learn more about our diversity here.

    Physically Secure Trusted Nodes

    SPTel’s trusted nodes where our Quantum Encryptors are housed, are physically secure and are considered as critical information infrastructure (CII) governed with the highest security requirements in place

    Future-Proofing Encryption

    The basis of QKD rests on quantum physics which offers a guaranteed level of protection and resistance against quantum computing or other powerful computing resources

    Peace of Mind

    Proactive monitoring by SPTel’s Integrated Operation Centre (IOC) to provide attack alerts and initiate service rectification for speedy service restoration


    Reliable Key Storage

    Key Management System allows key allocation based on QKD network capacity to enable low latency and high secure key rate which facilitates the robust operation of QKD network.

    Ultra-low Latency Network

    Optimised optical network pathways to ensure ultra-low latency between two users for reliable key distribution.

    Extended Secure Network Solution Suite

    SPTel’s connectivity services (such as DCI and Dark Fiber) can be coupled with QKD to provide quantum-safe transmission that makes it practically impossible to compromise any data-in-transit.

    Extensive Coverage

    QKD solution can be implemented across all commercial buildings and major data centres via our island-wide fiber and DCI network.


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