What is DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) and why choose SPTel’s DDoS Protection
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What is DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) and why choose SPTel’s DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks are attempts to flood your network resources and disrupt the normal flow of legitimate traffic. Think of it as a sudden traffic jam that prevents you from reaching your destination quickly. This means regular visitors can’t visit your website.

The methodology and complexities of DDoS attacks can differ.

Unfortunately, it’s not difficult for anyone to instigate a DDoS attack. On the dark web, a DDoS attack can go for as low as a few hundred dollars for a 24-hour attack. Cybercriminal organizations uses botnets to scan and initiate DDoS attacks on unsuspecting victims to extort ransoms.

It’s also not easy to trace the perpetrator behind or anticipate unsolicited DDoS attacks since a DDoS attack can often appear as a normal downtime or slow network due to the influx of huge legitimate traffic. However, DDoS makes use of computer systems that have been infected by malware (“botnets”) to launch attacks. This can include computers and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Since these are legitimate devices that have been infected, it can be difficult to differentiate legitimate traffic from traffic sent from compromised devices.

You can identify a DDoS attack through odd traffic patterns or a suspiciously large amount of traffic coming from multiple IP range or IP addresses at the same time, or from devices that have similar device types, locations, or web browsers.

The impact of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks

DDoS is on the rise, according to this report by Radware, and businesses need to take this threat seriously as it can paralyze their business operations. What DDoS does is attack traffic from websites and web applications.

Your customers can’t visit or log in to your website, and your employees may not be able to access critical files. This can mean a significant loss in revenue, productivity, and customer goodwill. Don’t forget about the potential, reputational damage when your customers take to social media to share the news of your website being down.

Your call centre might be overwhelmed with customers calling to ask what happened while your cybersecurity team is scrambling to solve the problem.

Furthermore, DDoS attacks are often used as a camouflage for other breaches or more malicious activities taking place. It is simply a diversion while the others take advantage of the distraction to break into your organization’s website and technology infrastructure.

Your cybersecurity team might find themselves distracted by a DDoS attack and then realize a bigger breach has occurred. This is why forward looking companies also have web application firewalls in place to monitor, filter, and protect a their web services. The good news is DDoS detection and mitigation solutions can help alert you to and defend you from DDoS attacks.

Staying alert to DDoS attacks:

To minimise the chance of DDoS attacks paralysing your operations, you should consider the use of DDoS detection and mitigation solutions. DDoS mitigation solutions deflect the DDoS traffic in the network layer to curb any existing or potential network-layer or application-layer attacks at the network edge.

By leveraging on demand DDoS mitigation solutions, companies can choose to activate DDoS protection as needed to minimise their upfront investment in cyber security solutions.

SPTel’s Premium Clean Pipe Network

SPTel’s clean pipe network provides DDoS attack detection that proactively alerts users once a DDoS attack on your/assigned internet IP addresses is found, allowing the user precious time to quickly choose an appropriate response. SPTel’s clean pipe network allows the user to choose to mitigate the attack on the spot with on demand cyber security services. This ensures that your business continues to be available for real users including your customers and employees. All traffic will be passed through a filter where potentially malicious traffic is identified and separated.

Without a clean pipe network, a DDoS attack would clog your data pipe, preventing the flow of legitimate traffic.

With this solution, your cybersecurity team can spend more time making sure there are no other major cybersecurity incidents going on instead of focusing resources on monitoring the DDoS attack which often serves as a diversion.

Pay-As-You-Go Cybersecurity

With SPTel’s solution, you can also mitigate a DDoS attack in real time and you only pay for what you need with just-in-time cybersecurity.

Still optimising your cybersecurity expenditure against your budget? With pay-as-you-go cybersecurity, you only pay for what you need and retain the flexibility to reallocate your budget resources as needed. This ensures you are protected while lowering your total cost of ownership with just in time solutions, freeing you from annual contractual payments.

Protect Growing Infrastructure

Your cyber security solution needs to be flexible to meet the growing complexity and size of enterprise IT infrastructures. Working from home can increase the number of devices and the complexity of network management, which can increase vulnerabilities in the network as there are more devices that a perpetrator can use to infiltrate your network.

SPTel’s full suite of security solutions that can be deployed virtually, on demand, serve to enhance our clean pipe offering, so you can extend your network security solutions beyond DDoS protection.

Key Features of SPTel’s DDoS Protection

In-Built DDoS Protection With Internet Services

SPTel is the only network provider that provides internet network services to all customers with in-built DDoS attack detection. Minimal response time is absolutely key to reduce business impact, especially because many DDoS attacks are used as diversions for more severe cybersecurity breaches. With in-built DDoS protection you will be alerted to any attacks so you can make decisions quickly and save time responding and mitigating the attack.

Integrated Operations Centre

Our network is monitored 24/7 by an Integrated Operations Centre that combines network operations and security operations monitoring. With SPTel you gain access to a cost-effective network solution that is backed by a world-class Security Operations Centre that utilises best practices in the industry.

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) services are provided by ST Engineering and we currently support customers in the government sector and commercial sector.

Smooth Customer Experience

You don’t have to be locked into long-term contracts. With SPTel’s solutions you can select the option of one-time mitigation or short-term mitigation so that you can fully estimate your cybersecurity spend and retain control over the services you are subscribed to without paying for unnecessary services you don’t use.

SD-WAN Integration To Extend Corporate Security To Home Offices

Our island-wide Software Defined Network means that enterprise grade Internet connectivity with DDoS attack detection can be provisioned even for work from home employees. When coupled with an SDWAN solution, you can easily manage network traffic and configurations for employees working from home.

This means you can extend your secure corporate network environment to home offices and increase the productivity of teams working from home. Your employees don’t even have to deal with multiple VPN log-ins and time outs.

See SPTel’s Solutions In Action

SPTel’s Innovation Hub is an experiential space where you can see live demonstrations of our intelligent digital network and DDoS protection capabilities, edge computing capabilities and IOT-a-a-S services.

You can see live data on our network resiliency and self-service provisioning with quotes and deployment provided within minutes. You can also experience firsthand how your technology applications, infrastructure and solutions function in conjunction with SPTel’s Internet network services, clean pipe network and other DDoS protection capabilities.

Request an Innovation Hub Visit today and experience SPTel’s solutions for yourself.