SPTel wins Telecoms Innovator of the Year 2021 in the APAC Insider’s Fifth Annual Singapore Business Awards!
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SPTel wins Telecoms Innovator of the Year 2021 in the APAC Insider’s Fifth Annual Singapore Business Awards!

SPTel was selected by an independent judging panel working with a dedicated researcher panel for the Telecoms Innovator of the Year 2021 Award.

We are proud to have received this acknowledgement for our Business Class Digital Network, delivering compelling business benefits through our strengths of:

True Network Diversity with Unique Fibre Pathways and even Carrier Diversity

We know that to be considered a financial hub, connectivity needs to be reliable and robust as every second is critical. Network diversity and redundancy has also become a hot topic in Singapore recently, with major outages affecting users across different providers as they use shared infrastructure.

That is why we leverage unique fibre routes that are physically separate from the incumbents. To deliver true diversity, SPTel is able to support our customers with redundancy lines backed by other telco players in Singapore as well. Each building that we serve is also supported by dual exchanges as a default to ensure fast and seamless fail over to the second exchange in the event of outages. This self-healing capability is further enhanced with Artificial Intelligence layered on our new intelligent network to auto recover and ensure maximum uptime for businesses.

End-to-end service chaining for a completely digitalized networking experience

By layering intelligence over our entire network, we provide a new end-to-end digital network experience that allows for greater visibility and control over network performance for the customer. We are the only provider to incorporate a customer dashboard as a standard service. This will provide unprecedented transparency for network health, utilization and spends, so customers can make informed decisions. When accessing the portal, network services can be requested online and provisioned within minutes. With this “on-demand” capability, businesses can cater for sudden network surges, which will only become more volatile as companies adopt digitalization, without compromising on performance. Combining this with ST Engineering’s expertise in security, we are able to provide a clean pipe network as s standard, with self-detection for DDoS threats. Real-time mitigation is also possible with our suite of virtual security products.

Distributed Edge Computing

Our unique fibre pathways connect up our intelligent network to thousands of hubs for edge computing island wide. This will bring analytics and computing power nearer to the branches and spreading out the risk of data being compromised at a single source.

Combining these 3 strengths within a single digital services provider puts us in a strong position to support the digitalization needs of the business community. We are honoured to be acknowledged by APAC Insider as a Telecom Innovator in our quest to deliver:

  • 24/7 visibility over network health and performance
  • Pro-active cyber mitigation for business continuity
  • Network diversity with dual exchange as a default to ensure optimum network performance
  • Services on demand, so you pay only for what you need, when you need it.
  • End to end digitalized experience for increased productivity and minimal paperwork

Finally, this will not be possible without the customers who believe in us. Thank you for your support. This win is dedicated to you.

View the official release here.

Find out more about the business class digital network.

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