Staying ahead of evolving cyber threats with managed security-as-a-service
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Staying ahead of evolving cyber threats with managed security-as-a-service

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Cyberattacks have long been recognised as one of the risks of doing business, but the stakes have escalated as of late. As of 2020, 13% of companies in Singapore have already experienced one ransomware attack, with 9% suffering between three and five attacks. Of these victims, 78% ended up paying the ransom.1

But the threat environment has grown beyond run-of-the-mill malware (Trojans, viruses, and worms); the threat landscape has evolved, and now businesses need to contend with Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) propagated by state-sponsored groups.

Small and medium enterprises are just as vulnerable as large enterprises and government organisations. In late 2019, the website of a popular local fashion retailer was hacked, and the bad actors collected its customers’ personal information such as names, addresses and credit card details.2

It is no longer about whether you have a cyber-security strategy or IT department in place. With the rapid pace that threats are evolving at, it is now about ensuring your organization is prepared to react quickly and effectively to minimize your risk and exposure.

This paper addresses the different approaches towards cyber security management that an organisation can take. It analyses the benefits, challenges as well as available solutions to manage and mitigate security threats. We explore how SPTel effectively provides Managed Security Services via our business class digital network with on demand and scalable cyber security deployment.

This white paper will be of value to Cyber Security, Network and IT professionals, business leaders as well as Government organisations.

1 ZDNet. “Majority of APAC firms pay up in ransomware attacks.” 17 November 2020.
2 The Business Times, “Why SMEs need to prioritise cybersecurity” 29 October 2020.

About the contributors
Principal Contributor
Mr Heng Kwee Tong, VP of Engineering and Customer Solutions at SPTel, is the principal contributor of this white paper. He handles key functions such as research, engineering design and implementation of enterprise network services, Edge Cloud and IoT in SPTel.
He is a veteran in the Telecommunication and Technology Industry with over 20 years of extensive experience and led the implementation of IPTV and FTTH services in Singapore.
Kwee Tong has also established patents in RFID, Sigma-Delta Modulation Code Division Multiple Access Receiver, and has more than 10 international publications. His most recent publication is a White Paper titled “The Road to 5G Services” in June 19.
Supporting Contributors
Mr Ho Chin Chow is the Deputy Director of Product Management in SPTel and Product Owner of SPTel’s product portfolio consisting of Connectivity, Internet, SDWAN, IoT-aaS, Managed Network & Security. He is engaged in thought leadership within SPTel and leads the product track in its digitalization project. He is an accomplished product management professional with 18 years of telecommunications experience. His product knowledge spans both local and regional spheres.
Mr Zhou Zhihao is a seasoned cybersecurity professional who has over a decade of experience in Cybersecurity Operations, Cybersecurity Consultancy, Penetration Testing and Software Engineering. He is currently heading the InfoSecurity team in SPTel and is the Vice Secretary of (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter Executive Committee. He holds a Master’s Degree in Knowledge Engineering from the National University of Singapore and professional certifications such as CISSP, CCSP, OSCP and ITIL.

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