SPTel’s New Software Defined Network Set to Transform Enterprise Network Services in Singapore

  • 28 September 2020
  • Singapore

Its new Business-Class Digital Network offers greater agility, more responsive and cost-effective services to meet dynamic business requirements

Singapore, 28 September 2020 – SPTel, a joint venture company of ST Engineering and SP Group, announced today the availability of its new Software Defined Network (SDN) for enterprises in Singapore. Offering flexibility, scalability, resilience and “everything-as-a-service” capabilities, the business-class digital network enables rapid response to changing and dynamic business needs, while improving total cost of ownership.

The cloud-like network offers customers, versatile, on-demand services including bandwidth and network security, while enabling edge computing and storage, as well as Internet of Things (IoT) implementation. By provisioning services on an “as-needed” basis, end users pay only for the bandwidth and services required, instead of overprovisioning capacity for occasional peak usage.

“SPTel is redefining the role of the modern network provider, leapfrogging traditional network vendors by leveraging the latest technologies. Our leading-edge digital solutions will shape the market with new innovative and sustainable commercial models, ultimately delivering an end-to-end network solution that drives better total cost of ownership for customers,” said Titus Yong, Chief Executive Officer of SPTel.

Secure and Intelligent Network

In addition to services on demand, the SDN also provides proactive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) detection and automated mitigation services. Its in-built DDoS detection provides real-time alerts so that users can subscribe to DDoS mitigation when needed. The additional just-in-time, network protection services include virtual firewall, virtual web application and virtual secure email protection. The built-in network Artificial Intelligence (AI) monitors the network, auto-reroutes traffic on detection of disruptions, and has the ability to self-heal from disruptions.

To address the need for business agility, the SDN management dashboard provides improved network visibility and control for users. By digitalising the order and provisioning process, users enjoy faster turnaround times with appointment setting and resource checking which is completed automatically. Changes, such as re-configuring bandwidth, can be completed in hours, instead of days.

Multi-Access Edge Cloud and IoT to Accelerate Smart Nation

The SDN, coupled with SPTel’s unique fibre pathways, ultra-low latency network and edge cloud computing abilities, will support and accelerate the digitalisation efforts of businesses in Singapore, enabling agile activation of edge cloud computing resources at SPTel’s pervasive hubs for IoT deployments.

With the developing trend towards building container-based micro services for IoT solutions, container applications can be pushed seamlessly and quickly over the network to the nearest edge computing resource for rapid deployment of IoT applications. This is useful for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) initiating their IoT deployments.

To date, SPTel has partnered with several SME IoT service providers to materialise smart city initiatives such as contactless temperature sensing, smart bins and utility tracking. By working with these solution partners on a common IoT deployment platform supported by the SDN, SPTel aims to build a community of IoT solution providers to deliver a more integrated, agile and cost-effective smart nation suite of solutions.

SPTel’s IoT-as-a-Service and edge cloud can be further enhanced with SDN, as additional sensors, connectivity and computing power can be provisioned quickly through the management dashboard. “All of this can be provisioned on a utility basis, so customers can scale their IoT deployment as requirements grow without hefty upfront investment,” explained Yong.

In addition to SPTel’s new SDN capabilities, SPTel has integrated an SD-WAN solution with the management dashboard that will give customers additional visibility over their network utility, manage network traffic and configurations, even for employees working on their home networks. This will extend their secure corporate network environment to the home, removing the need for additional VPNs and improve productivity of segregated teams. This provides customers with a one-stop management dashboard for full control over their ICT applications, a first in Singapore.

“Beyond the platform, a skilled workforce with the relevant expertise and competencies to operate the new technologies and specialised processes of the SDN is critical. We are committed to grooming our local tech talent and accelerating their professional development through programmes such as the Company-Led Training Programme (CLT) under the Infocomm Media Development Authority’s TechSkills Accelerator initiative. We presently have 54 professionals undergoing training under the CLT, and are planning to train another 59 by 2021,” concluded Yong.

Note to Editor:
SPTel will be unveiling their new Software Defined Network at the ConnecTechAsia 2020 virtual event happening from 29 September to 1 October 2020. For more information and to attend SPTel’s webinars at ConnecTechAsia, visit www.sptel.com/connectech/.

About SPTel

SPTel is a joint venture company of ST Engineering and SP Group. SPTel uses unique fibre pathways that combine leased SP Group infrastructure and owned fibre pipes, laid alongside the power network cables. Through this, SPTel provides a differentiated design and diverse business class digital network solution for discerning, best-in-class enterprises and mission critical businesses. For more information, please visit www.sptel.com.

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