Cre8tec’s journey to a winning partnership

  • 06 March 2021

“What won us over was the concept of one platform for different sensors and solutions. End users are not looking for just one type of IoT sensor.”

Cre8tec is a data-driven innovator of urban pest management solutions, backed by over 4 decades of domain expertise and knowledge. Cre8tec developed the world’s first rodent monitoring system (RATSENSE®) and was one of the first adopters of LPWAN technology in Singapore.

Key to the success of their business would be fast, cost effective and reliable deployment of their IoT sensors as well as forging alliances with other IoT providers whose solutions complement theirs to pitch for and win larger projects together.


With the complexity of IoT deployment today, having multiple connectivity options for IoT sensors is a must. By being gateway agnostic in their solution deployment, Cre8tec can readily meet the needs or requirements of their end user.

However, Cre8tec’s LoRa WAN provider was unable to meet their requirements of island-wide coverage and had to pull out of their partnership. Cre8tec thus had to look for another service provider that could better meet their needs.

Being a niche solution provider, they were also seeking a way to partner more effectively so that they could win projects that required multiple IoT solutions deployment.


With SPTel, Cre8tec found a protocol agnostic connectivity provider that could cater for different gateway needs, with LoRa WAN being just one of the options. Best of all, the open API and configurable IoT-a-a-S platform enabled them to quickly and easily onboard their solution.

Besides the device management platform, SPTel was able to string together a full suite of IoT enablement services, from gateway to device management, computing power and backhaul connectivity. Delivering this one-stop solution on an “as-a-service model” meant that Cre8tec could leverage on ready infrastructure without having to invest in their own and save themselves the hassle of managing multiple partners.

Value Created

By choosing SPTel as their IoT deployment partner, Cre8tec not only benefitted from an innovative and award winning IoT-a-a-S solution, they found a true partner that was willing to understand their needs, integrate their solutions and build an ecosystem together.

Derek Tong, General Manager of Cre8tec, shares more.

“It was the first time that an ICT provider actually invested their time with us to truly understand our solution and work with our engineers to test with us in the lab. We are heartened to see SPTel take an interest in our business and make an active effort to ensure we can onboard smoothly.”

To assure Cre8tec of solution readiness, a complimentary trial was provided, which gave them the peace of mind and confidence to sign up with SPTel.

Besides providing customer assurance, the team at SPTel is also committed to building an ecosystem of partners to hunt as a pack. By packaging a range of solutions to better meet end user requirements, it increases the chance of success. It also acts as a melting pot for the sharing and exchanging of ideas and collaborative efforts between providers.

“What won us over was the concept of one platform for different sensors and solutions. End users are not looking for just one type of IoT sensor. Typically, they are looking for a full solution suite. Without a common platform, it becomes difficult to pull together and coordinate solutions. I am glad that we have found this winning partnership with SPTel and the rest of the solution providers in the ecosystem.”

Key takeaways


  • LoRa WAN provider was unable to meet requirements
  • Wanted to collaborate more effectively


  • SPTel’s award winning IoT-a-a-S for end-to-end IoT deployment
  • Island-wide LoRa WAN

Value Created

  • Sincere partner to ensure solutions onboard smoothly
  • Service assurance with complimentary trial
  • IoT Ecosystem for collaboration and cross pollination of ideas

About SPTel

As an ST Engineering and SP Group JV, we leverage their strengths to provide unique connectivity and digital services to ensure your business is ready for future opportunities.

We believe that future networks must be both reliable and intelligent. That’s why we created the nation’s first born in the cloud network, an end-to-end Software-Defined Network with Network Functions Virtualisation (SDN-NFV).

Our network is known for reliability and diversity, because our unique fibre pathways combine leased SP Group infrastructure with our own fibre pathways, laid alongside the power network cables. Our network architecture also ensures your data takes the shortest route for optimal performance.

Adding to that, our cloud-gen network is equipped with intelligent features to change the way you do business. Artificial intelligence allows it to solve problems before they occur by self-monitoring and self-healing. Instant quotations give you greater flexibility, while network functions like additional bandwidth and in-built cyber security can be provisioned on demand, within minutes.

Our intelligent network will be further enhanced with edge cloud computing capabilities, supported by our access to pervasive hubs to deploy multi-access edge computing. Our award-winning IoT-as-a-Service platform leverages this capability to perform analytics closer to things, events and people for optimal performance.

We think big and make bigger things happen. We work intelligently, always exploring new ways to solve your business challenges. By adopting advanced software technology, we are confident of helping you navigate our data-driven world to achieve business success through digital transformation.

Contact us to experience our signature reliability, redefined.

Reliability with an Edge

The Speaker

  • Derek Tong

    General Manager, Cre8tec

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