SPTel’s Cloud Interconnect Service Delivers Direct Network Connection to Google Cloud

  • 27 March 2019
  • Singapore

Easier and more efficient connectivity that enables business-critical functions

SPTel, an ST Engineering and SP Group joint venture, today announced support for Google Cloud Partner Interconnect, a service from Google Cloud that allows customers to connect to Google Cloud Platform globally. SPTel is the first local network service provider to announce this service in Singapore. Enabled by SPTel’s Cloud Interconnect Service, this is a fast and direct network connection to Google Cloud. Businesses will enjoy an easy and efficient connectivity to Google Cloud, giving them access to the Platform globally and from remote sites, while benefiting from the high network resiliency enabled by SPTel’s diversified network infrastructure.

“Today’s rapidly digitising environment has called for businesses to turn to cloud platforms to support their business needs. SPTel is pleased to partner with Google Cloud to bring more flexible and convenient connectivity options to help enhance business operations,” said Mr Tan Choon Chai, Vice President of Product Management and Business IT, SPTel. “Coupled with our in-built network diversity capabilities, customers can be assured of a network infrastructure which provides resilient network connectivity capable of withstanding risks of network interruption. This is especially important for business-critical functions that require a stable network to prevent potential disruption to their operations.”

Partner Interconnect is a product in the Google Cloud Interconnect family. In October 2017, Google announced Dedicated Interconnect, which provides higher-speed and lower cost connectivity than a virtual private network, and has become the “go-to” solution to connect on-premises data centers to Google Cloud Platform. Customers can now choose SPTel to provide direct connectivity from their facility to Google Cloud’s point of presence located at any of the two data centers at Equinix SG3 or Global Switch.

SPTel’s Cloud Interconnect Service, supported by its Metro Ethernet service and Data Centre Interconnect, links network traffic from office buildings or data centers directly to Google Cloud. Secure and resilient network connectivity is provided by SPTel’s diversified data network infrastructure that is built on network paths that run along the Singapore power grid and without intersection with other network pathways. The diversified network infrastructure reduces risks of network interruption that could be caused by power outage or active equipment failure. In addition, SPTel’s superior latency performance will also allow businesses to enjoy more robust performance for their cloud activities.

About SPTel

SPTel is a joint venture company of ST Engineering and SP Group. SPTel builds its fibre network topology alongside Singapore’s nationwide power grid network. Through this, SPTel provides a differentiated design and diverse network solution for the smart and discerning, best-in-class enterprises and mission critical businesses. For more information, please visit www.sptel.com.

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Agnes Chang
AVP, Corporate Communications ST Engineering
Tel:+65 6722 1689
Email: chang.chehhong.agnes@stengg.com

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