Why is the right network partner critical for your global expansion strategy?
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Why is the right network partner critical for your global expansion strategy?

Imagine you’re a local company operating as the regional headquarters for various offices worldwide. As your company looks to accelerate its digital transformation and strengthen its competitiveness, your employees will be using a lot more bandwidth-heavy applications and IP-based communication services hosted across the public cloud and your internal servers in the years to come.

You realise an important truth – you need to swiftly adapt to the growing demand for more networking resources while maintaining operational uptime. With business-critical data and applications hosted on hybrid cloud, your company’s continued success relies on ensuring uninterrupted, reliable network access across multiple markets.

You’re not alone.

Expanding the business into new markets is an integral aspect of the long-term growth plans for many companies. Four in five Singaporean businesses have an overseas presence in 2019, while 41% of companies reported that “more than half of their sales turnover originates from overseas,” according to the Singapore Business Federation.

Yet while identifying new markets and prospecting customers are often the foremost priorities, network planning is often relegated to the back of the checklist.

Businesses neglect to recognise that a robust and secure connection is frequently a fundamental element in international operations – the central nervous system facilitating the organisational ecosystem in today’s “new normal”.

With their data stored across public, private, and hybrid clouds, businesses must be able to connect employees seamlessly, regardless of the locations of their operations (even remote locations such as Kenya or Romania!), while maintaining the highest level of security. Having the right partner will make this a hassle-free experience as they would have the necessary global reach to connect your business interests wherever they may be.

The challenge of working with multiple vendors

Operating overseas across various locales adds further considerations. If you were to work with one network provider for every market you operate in, you’d face their respective procurement processes and a mixed variety of local service-level agreements. Lengthy processes and the need to manage multiple vendors simultaneously add another level of complexity.

For example, imagine you have an office in Singapore and London, and you’re already using a MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) line to connect both offices in the same domain. You now need to make a change to that connection (i.e. both local and international links). Typically this means you will have to work with your vendor in one market to ensure there is no disruption – and repeat the same process in the second market (or multiple markets if you have more than one overseas office). Imagine how very time consuming and inefficient this process will need to be with all that manual coordination across time zones in lieu of productivity.

This prevents you from being agile enough to meet your customers’ needs. However, by working with a single service provider who already meets all international requirements, businesses can minimise time wasted for multiple procurement exercises (e.g. quotations, evaluations), and maximise economies of scale.

How we enable you to solve your challenges

We’ve developed our IMPLS (international multiprotocol label switching) solution to alleviate the tedium for companies operating beyond Singapore. Available in more than 80 countries and 280 cities worldwide, SPTel offers world-class services that provide customers with secure, hassle free connectivity.

Peace of Mind: No long delays waiting for networking providers to contact their individual vendors in multiple markets. Our strict SLAs with our IMPLS partners mean your experience globally remains seamless and consistent as though working with 1 provider only. This is particularly important for the Banking and Financial Services sectors, which requires consistent network performance service levels to cater to time-sensitive trading transactions. You also enjoy 24×7 support from our Integrated Operations Centre to troubleshoot any of your local or global issues.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Cut down unnecessary paperwork and automate your purchase with our new Customer Portal. Our customer portal allows you to obtain a quote digitally and provides you with real-time updates on order status. This means you can manage your network across borders more easily, as well as have greater transparency of your network order progress and subscription records.

 Customisable network traffic: Minimize traffic congestion in your network, because you’re now able to choose the priority of your network traffic based on different Class of Service (CoS). This means you can prioritize bandwidth for business applications and avoid the clogging up of bandwidth with non-critical connectivity requests. When you need more bandwidth, you can easily and quickly upgrade your existing CoS with a minimal fee, instead of subscribing to an additional premium circuit when working with the average service provider.

Service Assurance: Always have high availability for your network, because we partner with the best in class players internationally with a proven track record for network performance.

The New Normal – Agility 100%

In today’s digitalised economy, companies looking to expand overseas are facing increasingly sophisticated communication and connectivity requirements. Workplaces are accelerating their digital transformation in the new normal, while the global proliferation of AI and smart cities translate into heavier data networking loads for businesses.

Every multinational company must address the urgent challenge of connecting geographically diverse offices – with agility and security. They require their network to work seamlessly with minimum downtime regardless of their overseas locations.

So maximise your connectivity and productivity, and minimise all the extraneous investment and coordination with a seamless, one-stop-shop service. Why not contact us for more information, or drop us an email if you have any questions?