What is a Software Defined Network and how can it benefit you?
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What is a Software Defined Network and how can it benefit you?

With our end-to-end software defined network (SDN) with network functions virtualisation (NFV), we can deliver business grade digital services to our customers. This recent move towards digitalisation has also garnered us recognition in the industry, read more about our award here.

But what does this mean for you?
At its core, SDN enables greater programmability of your network by separating the network control plane from the data plane. IDC expands on this concept in this article “This results in a datacenter network that is better aligned with the needs of application workloads through automated (thereby faster) provisioning, programmatic network management, pervasive application-oriented visibility, and where needed, direct integration with cloud orchestration platforms.”

Here are the 3 ways you can benefit from it:

Greater control over your network
SDN provides a centralised view of the network for more control over management and provisioning. By integrating this capability with our customer portal, you’ll be able to have a full overview of your network health and deployment.

Simplified network management
SDN enables new services to be provisioned virtually. We have enhanced this by automating our entire order flow process to allow customers to order, provision and track new services digitally in real time, via their customer portal.

Holistic security
With the SDN controller acting as a central point of control to distribute security across the network, we can provide DDoS detection capabilities, inbuilt with our network. This allows us to deliver a new standard of care for our customers by proactively notifying them of attacks and enabling to proactively mitigate threats.

Want to learn more about how our network can help deliver benefits for your organisation? Reach out to us today to learn more!