Michelin Starred Restaurant Partners SPTel for Seamless and Reliable Store Connectivity

  • 18 June 2024

A Michelin starred restaurant chain with over 20 branches undergoes technology refresh in partnership with SPTel, leveraging business class digital network solutions and SD-WAN to serve up improved experiences for their customers and working team.

Problem Statement

The restaurant chain was facing significant challenges with their existing network infrastructure. Their legacy architecture relied on a single intranet connection across all outlets. the reliance on this centralised system led to frequent downtimes and loss of connectivity for their point of sales, e-menus and business applications, resulting in decreased productivity and revenue.

Identifying the Solution

Recognising the urgent need for a more reliable and resilient network solution, the restaurant chain partnered with SPTel and leveraged their expertise in technology for a comprehensive solution to address these challenges.

  1. Transformation of Network Architecture: SPTel introduced a new network architecture making use of individual Internet lines for each branch to reduce the risk of having a single point of failure and improved availability of the network by implementing a mobile backup solution at each branch as well. This would ensure maximum up time for each outlet, enhancing efficiency and productivity.
  2. Implementation of SD-WAN: Transforming the restaurant chain’s Network Architecture by introducing Internet lines for each branch with a mobile back up improved reliability of connectivity services however it would increase the complexity of network management. Pre-empting this issue, SPTel incorporated an SD-WAN solution as part of their network recommendation to give the restaurant chain’s IT team full control over the entire network from a central dashboard. SD-WAN would also enable seamless failover across Internet and mobile back up lines for each site, reducing the need for manual switching from primary to secondary networks.
  3. 2-in-1 solution for Firewall and SD-WAN: Businesses are increasingly reliant on cloud tools; therefore, cyber security is of paramount concern. To relieve the burden of having to implement new firewall solutions at each of the new Internet locations, SPTel proposed a 2-in-1 solution that came with both SD-WAN and Firewall capabilities, streamlining the management process while reducing IT footprint and cost.

Going the Extra Mile

Besides working on a solution that could address the restaurant chain’s concerns and future proof their network, SPTel’s commitment to excellence extends to providing exceptional service delivery experiences for customers.

  • Technology Advisory: Exploring innovative solutions to modernise connectivity infrastructure, with a focus on delivering business benefits to the customer and resolving the underlying issue.
  • Vendor Partnerships: SPTel’s collaboration with best-in-class partners enabled innovative services such as SD-WAN with integrated firewall to provide the best technology solution for our customer’s needs.
  • Project Management: Meticulous management of the migration process resulted in a smooth transition for all outlets without hiccups or disruptions. Deployment and execution of network set-up across all their branches was handled by the SPTel team for a hassle-free migration process.

Ending on a sweet note: The Restaurant Chain’s Business Benefits

SPTel’s solution was implemented in 2023 and the restaurant chain has been reaping the benefits ever since.

  1. Cost Savings: The adoption of individual Internet lines for branches paired with the integrated SD-WAN and Firewall solution resulted in substantial cost savings for the restaurant chain and reduced investment required for equipment.
  2. Reliability: With Internet lines paired with mobile backup solutions and the auto-fail over capability provided by SD-WAN, the restaurant chain has experienced near 0 down time for their outlets since implementation. Uninterrupted connectivity has led to reliable branch performance, timely data and happier employees.
  3. Convenience: SD-WAN’s centralised management dashboard has empowered the restaurant chain’s IT team with increased visibility and control over the entire network. This facilitates faster troubleshooting and resolution without the need for physical intervention at branch locations, freeing up IT team resources to handle other business requirements.
  4. Performance: When pairing SD-WAN with SPTel’s software defined network (SDN) that comes with dynamic resource allocation capabilities, the restaurant chain can ensure high performance for their entire network. Network congestion is minimised by prioritising critical applications via SD-WAN and, in the unforeseen instance where there are network traffic spikes, they can leverage SPTel’s SDN to increase bandwidth on demand, provisioned in as quickly as 2 minutes. SD-WAN also actively tracks connectivity performance to cloud applications, should it fall below a certain threshold it will swing to the better performing connection.

In conclusion, SPTel’s innovative solutions and exceptional service delivery have transformed the restaurant chain’s network infrastructure, enabling them to overcome challenges, drive efficiency, and achieve operational excellence. As a trusted partner, SPTel continues to support the restaurant chain on their journey towards digital transformation, ensuring they remain at the forefront of their industry.

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