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Managed Security Services

Too many executives and business owners undermine the importance of properly managed security operations. Cyber threats have been on the rise and even though most businesses are plagued with these threats, there are hardly any solid threat detection steps and procedures put in place.

Companies taking a proactive step to future proof their business are aware of the importance of information security and are looking at effective ways to mitigate their risk from cyber threats. SPTel’s Managed Security Services offer viable solutions for outsourced security monitoring, managed detection and protection.

Let our team of cyber threat experts take the hassle out of your cyber security management. Supported by a Security Operations Centre (SOC), we’ll monitor and proactively alert you of any threats to your network.

With our Business Class Digital Network, we’re changing the way you consume security services. Instead of tying you to a yearly subscription, you now have the option of security on flexible subscription durations.

This will give you the freedom to mitigate threats in real-time and pay only when you turn on your cybersecurity service.

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