Hassle-free wireless LAN Solutions

A managed wireless LAN solution enables organisations to offload IT teams from the complexities of network administration and maintenance for both their Corporate Wifi and Guest Wifi, to focus on strategic initiatives and core business functions.

With a range of reliable and scalable solutions to meet your business requirements, you can leverage on our team of experts to design, deploy, monitor and maintain your organisation’s wireless network infrastructure.

When you engage us as the service provider for your managed wireless lan solution, you can be assured of full end-to-end management, simplifying your processes and improving efficiency. You can also gain greater insights of your Wifi network performance and location analytics through an initiative dashboard.

Product Benefits

  • Best WiFi Performance

    Automatic proactive optimisation of wireless performance for faster speeds and better coverage

  • Ease of use

    Simple and secure access for remote configuration or troubleshooting from anywhere

  • Improved visibility

    Automatic root-cause identification in event of any network equipment failure

  • Faster Recovery

    Dynamic packet capture for troubleshooting so that faults can be resolved quickly


Recommended for:

  • Smaller sized businesses

    That may not have the resources nor expertise to set up and maintain a network

  • Enterprises with multiple sites

    That can benefit from consistent network management and support across all locations

  • Retail businesses

    That require smart solutions to provide seamless Wi-Fi to customers, gather insights, and offer personalized services

  • Large Venue/Campus Deployment

    That require reliable and high-performance Wi-Fi for a large number of students, faculties and staff, with additional security or analytics features

  • Healthcare facilities

    That require not only scalable, but secured Wi-Fi solutions as patient data is critical and sensitive

How it works

A WLAN provides the convenience of network connectivity without the need for physical cables. It uses radio waves to transmit data between device and a wireless access point (AP) or router.

Available Service Schemes

Managed WLAN

Smart wireless LAN setup for large enterprises with options for heatmap and analytics


  • Indoor WLAN Network Setup and Configuration
  • 7 x 24hrs Contact for Fault Reporting
  • SSID Management
  • Centralized Management System
  • Security Settings
  • 24/7 Device Monitoring
  • Guest Network Configuration with Customization
  • Hardware Break-fix support (NBD)
  • Remote Troubleshooting
  • Same business day support
  • Heat Map
  • Remote Change Request
  • Customised Report

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