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Analysys Mason Case Study

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Analysys Mason Case Study: Harnessing the power of software-defined networking to automate operations and disrupt the B2B services market

SPTel has transformed the business from a traditional B2B telco to a cutting edge business class digital Services provider. By leveraging best in class partners such as Nokia, SPTel delivers an end-to-end software defined network (SDN) that enables dynamic resource provisioning for improved total cost of ownership for businesses. SPTel’s new network comes with “clean pipe” capabilities, so that end users can be alerted to DDoS attacks when they happen. By linking the new SDN to a front end customer portal, and upgrading backend processes with service chaining and automation, SPTel’s digitalisation efforts have created a seamless online order and process flow experience for instant quotations, on demand service provisioning and proactive customer alerts on cyber attacks.

Anil Rao
Principal Analyst (Research)

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