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Multiple Networks, Automatic Failover, Maximum up-time.

SPTel Managed Mobile Broadband (MMBB) service is an Innovative cloud SIM solution to enable businesses to stay connected anytime, anywhere. It removes the physical SIM card required for data transmission from the routers and places it in the cloud. This means that changes to the operator network can be achieved remotely without the need to access the physical SIM card. An added benefit of this solution is that it can connect to backup operator networks in Singapore whenever there is an outage on the primary network. With SPTel’s MMBB, you’ll benefit from auto-failover across mobile networks so your Internet connectivity will enjoy maximum uptime, seamlessly.

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Product Features

Local 4G data coverage

No physical sim card is required. Getting connected is as simple as powering on the MMBB device.

Multi-Network Redundancy

We can connect to multiple telco partners in each location allowing for continued connectivity in the event of an outage or service issue to ensure high availability of service.

Zero Touch Management

Services are preconfigured and pushed from the cloud to your MMBB routers.

Options for secure IP access to enterprise IPVPN

Option to sign up for Virtual Firewall for cyber threat detection and preventive security measures or controls.

Available Service Schemes

Managed MBB Business 50GB
Managed MBB Business Unlimited (150GB FUP)
Stay connected to your business with 50GB data usage per month or an unlimited data plan. An innovative service providing instant and high resiliency Internet broadband access with a managed LTE Router.
  • 4G Internet access
  • No extra data usage charges
  • Multi-Network (Higher service availability – auto fail over)
  • Plug and play