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The most advanced multiple network eSIM solution for critical IoT applications in Singapore!

With seamless machine-to-machine connectivity for IoT applications, businesses can automate repetitive processes and tasks to gain significant cost and operational advantages. Human error and wastage can also be minimised with the right IoT solution.

However, as customers’ business requirements grow, so too will the complexity of managing your network and connectivity solutions. With more processes relying on IoT and automation, it becomes imperative that organisations are supported by seamless and fail proof connectivity that offers high resiliency and maximum up time.

SPTel’s Multi-Network Pro SIM is one such innovative mobility solution that can enable businesses to stay connected consistently with the provisioning of three tier 1 mobile networks in Singapore all on one eSIM. Should there be a network outage on the primary mobile network the Multi-Network Pro SIM solution will enable your device connection to fail over seamlessly to the next available network.

An added benefit of this solution is that businesses can switch mobile network providers without having to change the physical SIM Cards. This reduces the hassle of managing your IoT devices which most likely have been deployed in multiple locations across the country. New service profiles can be easily pushed over the air for data plan provisioning.

In summary, with SPTel’s Multi-Network Pro SIM, you’ll benefit from auto-failover across mobile networks so your data connectivity will enjoy maximum uptime, seamlessly.

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Product Features

Automatic failover

Supported by 3 networks, this innovative eSIM solution allows service providers and profiles to be pushed over the air without the need to physically access the SIM cards

Security and Data Sovereignty

Private APN option available and data plane never leaves Singapore

Management Portal

Single portal to view and manage all eSIM cards

How it works

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