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In today’s digitalised world, IoT or the Internet of Things through the use of internet, data storage, analytics and sensors brings effortless utility and efficiency for businesses and to our lives.

The machine-to-machine communications, without human intervention, reduces errors and labour costs. Machines are enabled to predict and perform updates and maintenance before systems fail or get damaged.

With heavier reliance on IoT and automation, the demand is for seamless and reliable connectivity. The requirement is for hassle-free management with only 1 SIM.

Introducing SPTel Multi-network Pro SIM – An innovative machine to machine (M2M) solution that connects to all three tier-1 mobile networks in Singapore. This means your critical business applications and services are fully resilient. Should there be a network outage on the primary mobile network, SPTel Multi-network Pro SIM will enable your device connection to fail over seamlessly to the next available network. That’s our promise of the back-up of a back-up of a back-up.

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Automatic failover

Supported by 3 networks, this innovative eSIM solution allows service providers and profiles to be pushed over the air without the need to physically access the SIM cards

Security and Data Sovereignty

Private APN option available and data plane never leaves Singapore

Management Portal

Single portal to view and manage all eSIM cards

How it works

With SPTel innovative eSIM solution supported by local 3 mobile networks, we enable IoT device connection to failover seamlessly to the next available network. That's the promise of the back-up of a back-up.

See how we support the following use cases

Smart EV Charging Stations

Smart charging ensures a smooth and secure charging experience. Powered by an intelligent back-end solution that brings real-time data from connected charging devices, it allows you to monitor and manage while optimizing energy consumption. Electric cars connected to the grid with smart charging create a symbiosis with the power grid. With IOT, advanced analytics and cloud-based solution, it becomes effortless to add and update features to suit your needs.

Smart Elevators

Advances in IOT has allowed elevators with proactive and condition-based analysis. Smart elevators can monitor performance, make real-time maintenance decision and provide status updates. This optimises resource costs for trouble-shooting and manpower deployment as well as make the lift journey smoother and easier for the user.

Smart Fleet Management

Everyday operations can run smoothly with crystal-clear visibility into fleet conditions and locations. Promoting driver safety can help enterprises reduce accident-related costs. Routes can be streamlined. You can better react to breakdowns or traffic delays. You can control repair costs, track driving patterns and cut fuel costs by planning efficient routes and reduce idle times.

Intrusion/Detection System

Utilizing IOT solutions, real-time data and advanced analytics, we have different elements to IDS that will suit different needs from protective locks for doors and volumetric detector to advanced video analytics and facial recognition.

CCTV Surveillance

Whether for remote video monitoring and protecting against theft and perimeters of protected areas and buildings to detecting suspicious activities and monitoring of day-to-day operations, you can future-proof your business with our experience and advanced solutions.

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