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High speed, low latency and secured connectivity with Data Centre Interconnect

SPTel Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) supports various client network interfaces across a wide spectrum of bandwidths. With coverage in major commercial data centres, we leverage on a programmable Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) platform to support Ethernet-based connections.

With our intelligent customer portal, customers can activate new DCI services instantaneously.

Data Center Interconnect - Network Infrastructure - Multiple Data Centres

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Product Benefits

Product Features

SD-WAN Solutions - Manage Application Traffic
Secured Connection

Layer 1 Encryption service provides additional managed security on the DWDM platform to ensure end-to-end protection upon request.

Extensive Coverage

Coverage in all major commercial Data Centres.

Ultra-low Latency

A premium point-to-point layer 1 and layer 2 connection with low network overheads and low latency.

Available Service Schemes

Standard DCI
A premium quality connectivity service between data centres in Singapore. DCI network is designed specifically to support critical data centre connectivity regardless of industry, supporting a range of client interfaces to satisfy the unique environment of each customer
  • Secured and Scalable
  • Support Range of Optical Interfaces
  • Proactive Monitoring and Notification
Optional add-ons
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Layer 1 Encryption:
  • Available only for the Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, the encryption function is incorporated at the transport layer of the traffic flow, with minimal additional overhead or latency load on the traffic.
Bandwidth on Demand:
  • Scheduled upgrade: Increase bandwidth for planned events, projects and many other activities.
  • Same day upgrade: Increase your bandwidth when needed within the same day.
Protected Path:
  • Provides a higher service availability with a diverse fibre path provisioned to the DCI DWDM equipment, where automatic failover is programmed logically.