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Venkat Subramanian

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ― Mark Twain

Some people work to live, but those who are truly spectacular, live for their work. Our IoT Engineer, Venkat Subramanian is one such individual. With a strong passion for IoT and a love for helping others overcome various engineering hurdles, Venkat is in his element here at SPTel.

With a zeal for all things IoT related and a never give up attitude, Venkat is an asset to SPTel’s IoT team, bringing with him valuable problem solving skills and engineering know how to aid in the implementation of various IoT solutions.

Holding a Master’s in Computer Control and Automation from Nanyang Technological University and with 4 years of technical experience under his belt, Venkat views his pivotal role in the design and build of a smart factory in just 1.5 years as his greatest achievement to date.

We asked him how he was able to achieve this breakthrough so early on in his career.

“I strongly believe that in order to innovate and come up with ideas, I need freedom and lateral thinking. That is why I am always exploring and testing out new ways of doing things. It is through trial and error, and keeping an open mind, that solutions arise.”

Fuelling this constant push for improvement is his work philosophy.

“Every day, I try to do better than what I have done yesterday. When you stop pushing your limits, you stop growing and developing as an individual.” This belief is what attracted him to SPTel.

“The environment here is very supportive of innovation. I have a team of supportive colleagues that are all working towards a common goal of bringing the best solutions to our customers. Together we troubleshoot, brainstorm and test new ideas to make sure we continue to evolve and develop our value proposition.”

This passionate engineer is never far from the IoT community. Venkat spends his free time imparting his knowledge of IoT to students by sharing about the topic and directing them to free open source software that they can take advantage off. Venkat is also the founder of IoT site Techbeast.org, a non-profit group of technology enthusiasts formed with the aim of educating students about Free Open Source Software(FOSS) and Information Technology. On top of this, Venkat also finds time to code and engage in IEEE and Mozilla community activities. Outside of the IoT space, Venkat also plays the Piano.