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Digitalising for Success in Retail? Easy.

Retailers today are faced with an undeniable truth – that their digital customer journey is just as important as their in-store experience. With omni-channel retail becoming a norm rather than the exception, the differentiator is no longer whether you have digitalised but rather, HOW have you digitalised.

Technological advancements in data analytics tools have made it easier than ever before to customise a unique cross channel experience for customers, and consumers are starting to expect such personalised and detail-oriented service from the stores they patronize.

Businesses that leveraged on big data trending and analytics were also better placed to handle sudden spikes in demand to ensure they had enough stock despite shipping and transportation delays caused by the pandemic.

Beyond just looking at the end consumer, internal store operations and processes are also areas for scrutiny as the recent pandemic has highlighted. Retailers that were able to automate processes and reduce manual processes, especially when it came to enabling their teams to work from home effectively, were able to reap cost savings and efficiencies.

Technologies that can make your digital transformation journey, easy.

Operational Efficiency

Centralised network management and control for hassle free deployment across multiple sites

Achieve greater efficiency by managing your entire network from a central portal without having to deploy manpower for modification on-site

SPTel’s SDWAN solution is supported by a Business Class Digital Network that enables you to scale up bandwidth as needed to ensure your systems are always at optimum performance.

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Simplify traffic routing across multiple sites on a reliable and secure network.

Supported by SPTel’s flexible business class digital network that enables you to scale up bandwidth as needed to ensure your systems are always at optimum performance.

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With more services going online, organisations are more vulnerable to cyber security threats than ever before. However, maintaining and managing a robust and responsive cyber security team is both costly and labour intensive.

By engaging Managed Security Services, you can rest assured that your customer’s critical data such as personal data and payment information can be protected and your e-commerce business will not fall victim to network attacks that can result in loss of sales.

SPTel’s Managed Security services are further enhanced with on demand cyber security provisioning so you can mitigate threats in real-time.

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Support your point of sales connectivity with the most reliable Mobile Broadband solution. This virtual SIM solution will lock on to the strongest mobile signal regardless of carrier for consistent and reliable mobile connectivity as a backup. This Mobile Broadband solution can also be used at pop-up store locations to support ad hoc events/projects without heavy network subscription commitments.

Applicable as a backup in work from home use cases as well.

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Process Automation

Cut down on your store management processes with automated tracking with smart sensors.

Instead of solving issues when they become problems, nip them in the bud with constant and timely monitoring to receive alerts when thresholds are breached for faster decision making.

SPTel’s IoT Solutions are deployed on a ready IoT-a-a-S platform that enables fast and hassle-free set-up across multiple sites. Supported by the only island-wide LoraWAN gateway network, we can connect up your IoT sensors wherever your store location may be at less than <$1 per device.

Our Smart Monitoring Offerings for Retailers Include:

  • Assets/People Tracking
  • Surveillance Monitoring
  • Utilities Monitoring
  • Rodent Monitoring

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Improved Customer Experience

The basic backbone of your entire digitalisation plan. Whether you are looking to improve in store experience with smart fitting rooms or even push promotional content and virtual menus to unmanned ordering systems, high speed, ultra reliable and low latency Internet is key. Nothing is worse for the digitally savvy consumer than an unresponsive system.

SPTel’s connectivity is proven to achieve <1ms latency across our entire network which means you’ll be getting superior performance versus other carriers for your online tools.

We also deliver a clean pipe solution that comes with DDoS attack detection as a default to ensure minimal disruption to your operations.

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Whether it is your office WiFi or guest WiFi, we’ll help you manage and optimise your bandwidth across both channels. So whether it’s your customers or your staff, they won’t be left disconnected from the world.

We are committed to bringing you the very best in business grade connectivity, that is why we ensure our customers’ connectivity are supported by WiFi 6 routers.

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Why choose SPTel?

Extensive network in Singapore for end point devices
Network Diversity

With access to two physically separate fibre networks, you’ll benefit from added infrastructure resiliency when you choose our connectivity solutions for maximum up-time for your online store

Digitalised Services

With an end-to-end software defined network, we enable services like bandwidth and cyber security on demand so you can respond quickly to network traffic surges during sales periods or shut down attacks before they access your customer’s critical data for PDPA adherence.

Distributed Edge Hubs

To support more responsive computing for your IoT solutions, even across multiple outlets around the island.

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