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Srikanth Kotla

“Pleasure in the job is what ensures perfection in the work.”

A diamond can only be formed under high pressure, the same way a person’s mettle is only proven by braving trials. Meet Srikanth Kotla, our Senior Analyst in Business IT, and integral member of our intelligent network delivery team.

This accomplished individual has a Masters in Electrical and Electronical Engineering with over seven years of experience in database management and infrastructure architecture design. His role focuses on database analysis, management of system performance and digitalisation of operations to ensure highly available and accurate data for end users and application owners. This is critical to the delivery of successful service automation because to string together a seamless experience for our customers, the databases that he manages need to be clean, available and responsive. With management of database from the front end Customer and Business Relationships Management Systems to backend Network Assurance and Delivery modules all under his care (and 24/7 availability required no less), his work needs to be error free for the entire system to function. It’s not surprising that the pressure is immense.

“Backup and Recovery is vital to SPTel business and especially challenging across multiple systems. In my role, I need to coordinate across multiple application and infrastructure teams to get accurate information to implement a robust architecture that can perform without service degradation for our end users.”

Where most would shy away from such a challenging role, Srikanth sees this as part of the joys of the job.

“If we stick to tried and tested ways, and give up exploring new avenues and processes, there will be no progress. When I need to problem solve and work under pressure, is where I can experience the most growth. That’s why I chose to work in a forward-thinking company where I can continue to learn and grow to become a prolific technical engineer and project manager. Right now, we are in a critical build phase, and I am putting my full concentration into perfecting each and every module component because I know the final output of smooth runtime operations will be the fruits of my labour.”

His passion for the role is palpable and he shares his work philosophy with us.

“Pleasure in the job is what ensures perfection in the work. I am energized by the work because I find great alignment with SPTel’s core values of radical candor, integrity, customer experience and team work. By keeping open communications, helping each other out and ensuring we deliver on our promises, we can definitely achieve a positive outcome for our customers. I hope that together with the rest of the team at SPTel, we can build a company where customers can feel at home in.”

To relax and refresh his mind, he either goes for a swim or engages in photography.