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"No man is an island" ― John Donne

What builds customer loyalty and keeps them coming back time and again? Is it the salesperson? The product? The price? Or the execution and aftersales care?

The answer: All of the above

That is why our Government Sector Sales Manager, Lim Nie San, believes firmly in teamwork and goes out of her way to act as a facilitator for cross department cooperation.

“Bringing in the deal is just the start of the journey. It takes a team of people, from the support, operation and aftersales to fully understand the various customers’ requirements before we can successfully win over the customer and build their trust. I have 2 key roles. When fronting the customer, I am the avenue to better understand their problems and provide assurance that we will be there for them when needed. At the backend I’m the teambuilder and communicator. After understanding the customer’s pain points, I pull together the subject matter experts within SPTel and together we come up with a solution.”

Though she makes it sound easy, we know that getting people to work together is not a simple task. We asked her what’s the secret behind building rapport with team members.

“If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere. When there is a difficulty, I will try to see it from their point of view and come up with a work around to keep the project going. Ultimately, you need to be genuine in your engagement, treat everyone with respect and show your appreciation when good work is done.”

Nie San walks the talk by making it a point to credit the team behind her successes.

“My thanks goes out to all my colleagues and teammates for every deal won. They hold great pride and take responsibility for everything that they do. That is why they always go the extra mile to make sure we can secure the deal. I am grateful for teammates who stand together as one and work towards a common goal.”

What makes Nie San excited about being part of SPTel is the opportunity to be part of a team that is making history by changing the game for the Telecommunications industry with the 1st Software Defined Network in Singapore.

“SPTel has the right product at the right time. Now it’s about hitting out hard at the market and reaching out to customers to share how we, as a team, can bring about business benefits and help accelerate their digitalisation plans.”

During her free time, Nie San enjoys singing as she feels that music has the power to bring us to another dimension, that is far deeper than our physical selves.