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Meet Our Partners

SPTel is proud to have a strong network of partners leveraging on our solutions suite to deliver reliable digital services to our end customers. With the best in class IT solution providers, system integrators and IoT service providers, customers can tap onto a wealth of tech expertise for their digitalisation needs.

Channel Partners

Our channel partners are specially trained to resell SPTel’s business class digital network and services. They bring with them their own expertise and unique value-added solutions to help organisations address a full spectrum of ICT requirements. By combining their strengths with ours, we can better help customers drive positive business outcomes.

Browse our curated list of channel partners or contact us for a recommendation.

A-Speed Infotech Pte Ltd (A-Speed), is a Singapore-based managed technology and IT solutions provider. Established in 2003, A-Speed launched as a computer and network system integration service provider. Growing from a small team to the current team of enterprise-level product specialists, A-Speed has since built a reputable and reliable name in this technology space. Through the years of support from key industry principals, the company’s IT products business model has extended to become an authorised dealer of leading manufacturers for servers, network and security products.

A-Speed’s main customers are major tech giants and 1000+ SME customers. It also provides major IT services to data centre and telco businesses and has a strong presence in the education sector.

Reach out to us for:
Cloud Connectivity
Seamlessly access peering at internet exchanges and major cloud services. These on-ramps include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud.

Data Centre Connectivity
A-Speed has invested heavily in data centre projects & SMART building solutions in recent years. This includes colocation space, data centre design & build, facility management, M & E equipment maintenance, 24×7 NOC operations, integration of Building Management System and SMART building solution.

Contact Us:
+65 6634 1000

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Eemont is an Information and Communications Technology service provider company in Southeast Asia, headquartered in Singapore. The company provides computer hardware, software, infrastructure, hosting and consulting services in areas ranging from the corporate, data center, and cloud. They research and develop bespoke ICT strategies and solutions, build and integrate state-of-art technologies, and deliver and manage premium services for their customers.

Reach out to us for:
Managed IT
Managed IT framework and solutions, including computer hardware, software, internet access, emails, unified collaborations, all other systems and services for corporate workplaces.

Data Centre
Managed on-premise hosting solutions and services, ranging from colocation space, computing hardware and software, storage, network transmission, and connectivity, including IP transit, local loop, MPLS, IPLC/IEPL, and direct connection to private and public clouds.

Managed private and public cloud, and hybrid-cloud solutions for business continuity and disaster recovery planning, on-premise to cloud migration.

Contact Us:
+65 6865 9696

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IoT Service Providers

Our growing ecosystem of IoT solutions is enabled by our community of IoT service providers with expertise in delivering automation and cutting-edge solutions across various segments and industries. From smart waste management to surveillance, autonomous vehicles and drone delivery, we cover a full spectrum of SMART nation use cases, powered by SPTel’s award winning IoT-a-a-S solution and edge cloud.

Whether you are looking for a solution or thinking of collaborating to deliver an even stronger business case browse our curated list of IoT service partners and see their solutions in action or contact us for a recommendation.

Cre8tec is a data-driven innovator of urban pest management solutions, backed by over 4 decades of domain expertise and knowledge. Cre8tec developed the world’s first rodent monitoring system (RATSENSE®), as well as being the first on LPWAN technology.

Reach out to us for:
A network of sensors within/around a premise that provides 24/7 monitoring and data on rodent activity, with analysed information on behavioural patterns, to empower and enable better decision making for enterprise rodent risk mitigation.

The system also allows organisations to attain quality efficiency and long-term control through consistent monitoring that pinpoints areas of activity and access; and benchmarking threshold & tolerance levels for enterprise rodent risks management.

  • 24/7 monitoring for early intrusion detection to maintain health and hygiene standards with effective, targeted control.
  • LPWAN-capability that enables scalability and sustainability with long battery life (over 2 years) and minimal hardware maintenance.
  • Data trending for predictive analysis, facilitate pro-active management decisions for effective risk mitigation and assist with reputational risk for asset management.

Contact us:
Derek Tong
96814708 / 62805666

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MaCh eX Pte Ltd is a leading IoT Solutions (Internet of Things) provider based in Singapore. Leveraging a suite of propriety technologies, they enhance existing IT infrastructure with the integration of IoTs and RFID technology to bridge functional gaps, and meet new and emerging demands.

Reach out to us for:
Smart Event Management

  • Identify guests who has attended, which exhibit
  • Capturing information and analysing individuals
  • Measure level of interest in various events
  • Record and take attendance conveniently

Smart Intelligent Uniform

  • Zero-maintenance IoT solution with RFID based system
  • Track the attendance and presence hassle-free
  • Automatically record each person as they walk past the sentry
  • Analyse data backend to spot if individual is on the premises

Smart Auto-Temperature Screening (SATS)

  • HSA- Certified Medical Device (Class A)
  • Ease of integration with SafeEntry and Health Declaration Portal
  • Identifies all “at-risk” personnel
  • Removes the need for physical interactions
  • Fast and Accurate temperature screening
  • Quick deployment and cost-effective

Contact Us:
Valerie Lee (Business Development Director)

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Convergent Smart Technologies Pte Ltd,a Singaporean SME company was established in 2015. We developed ultra‐low power Internet‐of‐Things (IoT) and strive to be a leading provider of sensory devices for Restroom and Building Facilities. Sensors are the centre of this incredible growth as they are key elements for gathering and outputting valuable data. Furthermore, sensors will enable connected devices to behave autonomously by being contextually aware of their environment and thus able to make their own intelligent decisions. Our Smart Toilet System is maintenance free, cost effective and scalable sensor network system with capability for toilet cleanliness and frequency of toilet usage monitoring.

Their system is deployed in more than 1000 toilets all over Singapore and overseas in countries such as Germany, HongKong, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand and NSW Australia.

Reach out to us for:
A smart toilet solution that can:

  • Measure the ammonia concentration level and automatically send alert when it reach the pre-set threshold ammonia level.
  • Count the number of people and automatically send alert when it reach the pre-set threshold number.
  • Send text/email alert to cleaners or supervisors when the restroom are in poor condition.
  • Show the people traffic of the restroom and more!

This technology improves productivity and may be used to formulate outcome-based cleaning contracts.

Contact us:

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Lift Hub Engineering Pte Ltd is a registered contractor with the Building Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA) in Electrical Engineering (ME05) and Lift & Escalator installation (ME09).

Lift Hub’s initial activities were to provide lift and escalator maintenance services for commercial and industrial buildings. Lift Hub extended their services to supply, install, test and commission new lifts and escalators.

Due to the aging of the housing and industrial estates in Singapore, Lift Hub has further expanded to undertake projects for lift and escalator upgrading, modernization and also to provide customized solutions for special lifts.

Lift Hub Engineering Pte Ltd is enhancing its business portfolio by providing services in

  • IoT for Elevator Monitoring and Data Analytics by working closely with other business partners in articulating solutions to customers.
  • Gather the technical requirement, develop cost-effective design and solutions to customers in the Vertical Transport industry
  • Work closely with customers to find suitable products and form better/strategic relationships

Contact Us:
6846 7763 / 6846 9005

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