Introducing SPTel’s new chairman

Introducing SPTel's new chairman

SPTel is proud to welcome Ms Tan Lee Chew as Chairman of SPTel’s Board of Directors. She took over from Mr Vincent Chong with effect from 3 Jan 2022.

Ms Tan brings to the table a host of experience in the global technology industry and has responsibilities for business areas that include Urban solutions, Satellite Communications and Aerospace. She has led new business growth in the Public Sector for Amazon Web Services in ASEAN, driving adoption of technology as an enabler for transformation at scale in organisations.

Her aspiration is for SPTel to become a leading digital services provider, transcending the traditional definition of telco services. She is most excited about SPTel’s Edge Cloud Computing capabilities and sees it as an important complement to cloud implementations across businesses moving forward.

“Edge computing is one area where I see a great growth potential. Businesses need a compute solution that has the flexibility and scalability of cloud, yet with the latency performance of on-premise servers. The digitalised network offering of SPTel enables solutions like on demand bandwidth and cyber security. When you couple these capabilities with Cloud services, organisations can increase their bandwidth and computing needs concurrently, further enhancing business agility in the new digital age.”


Together with the rest of our esteemed board members, Ms Tan is looking forward to charting new growth of SPTel and ushering in more innovative solutions to deliver on our promise of Reliability with an Edge.

Welcome on-board Ms Tan!