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Andrew Poh Leong Joo

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” - Paul J. Meyer


Meet Andrew, our Senior Manager of Infra-structure Planning and Implementation. His defining feature is his commitment to ensuring all projects are completed within the targeted timeline and to drive cost savings to stretch the budget.

Armed with a Bachelor in Electronics and Electrical Engineering majoring in Telecommunications (2nd Class Honors), and 15 years of experience in the Telecommunications Industry, Andrew has a vast array of experience in the field. His expertise ranges from radio-paging to 3G & 4G mobile coverage and, underground copper and fibre network planning.

Throughout his years in the industry, Andrew has always been committed to providing customers with the best possible service experience. Andrew shares one memorable story about his experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In operational works, there are instances where either myself or my team need to go the extra mile for the customer, but the most remarkable anecdote I have to share will be of my experience as the COVID Manager during the 2020 pandemic situation in Singapore. As an essential services provider, SPTel must ensure that our services continue to function throughout the circuit breaker period. With a segregated workforce, I was operating with a lean team and I was worried that projects would not be completed on time. I always tell my team that when we make a promise to our customer, we follow through no matter what. So, I came back to the office every day, to ensure all SPTEL commitments and other daily operational roll out works were not affected, and at the same time tracked and monitored the well-being of staff that needed to return to work.”

The result of his commitment?

“During this period, together with the team, we managed to complete a grand total of 73 critical connections for our customers. I am so proud of the team for not only delivering the job, but also exceeding customer expectations by completing ahead of schedule, despite the manpower shortage.”

In addition, Andrew, working with only a core team, even enhanced SPTel’s service offering by installing new technology needed to improve visibility over the entire network for faster troubleshooting. We asked him how he manages to have such determination to excel even during challenging times.

“As a challenger telco, we need to win the customer’s trust and confidence. My team and I knew that with the implementation of this project, we will be able to monitor and track any network outages, and to act upon them immediately, even before the customer calls in. Because we believed in the project, we pushed through.”

With so much responsibility on his shoulders, Andrew is still excited to come in to work each day. His motivation? Being part of the team building SPTel’s unique diverse network which is different from all the other Telecommunications operators in Singapore. In addition, he appreciates that colleagues in SPTel are like a family, working closely together, cracking their brains to come up with solutions and achieving the right price point to win over our customers. The team’s drive for perfection elevates his sense of achievement for every successfully completed project.

In parting, Andrew has these few words of wisdom for us. “There is a solution to every problem, it’s just how determined you are to find it. Getting there requires good teamwork, fighting spirit and perseverance.”

To relax after a long day at work, Andrew enjoys cooking, eating and sharing food photography on Instagram. He finds happiness in the company and laughter of his friends while sharing a great meal, especially one cooked by him.