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Allan Lee Kin Choong

"Energy and persistence conquer all things" - Benjamin Franklin

Embodying this statement is our Assistant Director for Customer Solutions, Allan Lee. When it comes to pursuing his personal goals or following through on business opportunities, Allan is relentless.

This enabled him to graduate with a First-class Honors BSc (Hons) for Cybersecurity and Networks, Computer and Information Systems Security/Information Assurance from Teesside University (UK). Now, he has 20 years of experience in ICT and Telecommunications, making him an asset to the Customer Solutions Team.

In his role, he needs to manage projects that involve cross-functional teams and external vendors. We asked him, in his view, what is the key to success?

“I believe tenacity is key. You need to ensure that you follow up closely for all projects from start to finish, meeting all the project requirements as well as the deadlines. This means looking at the big picture, not just the tasks you need to complete. Time management is key to managing competing priorities. This is all part of pushing through a project and ensuring it is well managed from start to finish.”

Besides this, he also advocates putting in the extra effort to brainstorm for atypical solutions to see if there are better ways to approach the problem.

“I like to think out of the box, because it is important not to kill the creativity and ambitions of the team especially when they are out hunting for ambitious business deals. Our goal should always be to give the customer the best solution that fits their needs and sometimes this could mean re-thinking our original solutions.”

As a veteran in the industry, we asked him what made him decide to continue to grow and build his career at SPTel.

“SPTel has a good nurturing working environment where teamwork features prominently. It’s nice to work alongside colleagues that are driven by a common goal of making the company a better place.”

For someone that gives his all at work, it is important that he takes time to wind down and relax. During his downtime, Allan spends quality time with family or strums tunes on his guitar. He also likes to jog and swim to maintain his health and fitness.